15 minute lunchtime body blitz

Dan JeffsBy Dan Jeffs

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Lunchtime body blitz

Completely strapped for time? Stressed out that you won’t be able to get through your million-and-one things to do before picking the kids up from school AND get your workout in?

I field these complaints for the mums I work with every single week. I totally get it, and advise them that on these days even a 15 minute workout will be enough to boost the ‘feel good’ hormones and maintain at least some level of fitness.

This workout is an absolute ripper and will have you in and out in only 15 minutes! It’s high intensity, super effective and short enough to power through on your lunch break with time for a shower after!

If your time is really restricted, it is essential that we get the best bang-for-your-buck during your workouts. I sometimes use the term ‘metabolic strength training’ and I think this is the real key to an effective short workout. This type of training burns huge amounts of calories not only during your exercise session but also keeps your metabolism stoked during your ‘after-burn’ phase. This means you are using more fat while you go back to work!

The method we are going to work with is ‘As many reps as possible (AMRAP)’.  Once you hit go on your stop watch, your job is to get through as many reps as possible in the time allocated.

Record it! A really important part of exercise motivation is seeing how far you have come. Complete this workout 1 – 2 times per week and see your number of reps completed and fitness improve massively.

The workout!

1-2 minute warm-up (do a few repetitions of each of the following exercises at a lower intensity then get going!)

Squat x 10: Start standing tall and then sit down – that’s it! You can use a chair if you are beginning to give you some safety and a ‘depth gage’. You can even add some handweights if you have any!

RMExercises 1RMExercises 2







Lunge x 5 each side: Taking a full stride forward, tilt forward from the hips to put a majority of your weight on the front foot. Lower yourself towards the ground bending both knees and hips. Press hard through the heel on the front foot to return to the starting position.

RMExercises 14RMExercises 15







Burpees x 5: Yuck! I don’t always like this! Lie down into a push up position and lower yourself to the ground. From here, perform your push up (if you find this too hard then just getting to this point will be enough for now) and then return to your feet. Another option is to perform the push-up portion on your knees to help you get that push up in!

RMExercises 43RMExercises 44







Mountain climber x 10: Starting in the top position of a push up with elbows straight and strong. Bring one knee towards your elbow then put it back. Repeat on the other side. You will feel a really good squeeze in your abs if you do this correctly and your heart rate will really start to rise if you keep the pace up.

RMExercises 109







Straight back to the top – once you have completed one round of the above exercises get going on your second round of squats and move through the program again! As your fitness improves you will be able to perform more repeats of the program and really feel the burn.

Good luck and make sure you tag me when you post your scores on the Fit Busy Mum Facebook page!



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