Skinny shaming of Jodi Anasta, now a single working mum, peaks ahead of Myer Autumn Launch

RosemaryM 17By Rosemary Marchese

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Skinny shaming of Jodi Anasta, now a single working mum, peaks ahead of Myer Autumn Launch

Jodi Anasta (nee Gordon) has been criticised for her weight since her split with retired Roosters star Braith Anasta. The critics have apparently been out in force, according to the SMH, ahead of the Myer Autumn Fashion Launch because Jodi is set to be a face alongside the likes of Jennifer Hawkins and Rachel Finch. She’s not the only woman, and indeed mum, to fall victim to this new ‘skinny shaming’ that seems now to be just as accepted by society as ‘fat shaming’.

JODI ANASTAWhere once it may have been deemed okay (by some) to pass a ‘Do you really think you should eat that donut?’ comment, it’s now ‘Eat a donut’. The scary thing is that these remarks, again, tend to be women against women. And sometimes even more so, mums against other mums.

According to the SMH, Jodi’s manager responded to these critics with ‘Jodi is aware that her weight is of concern to the media. She is doing her very best as a single working mum.’ I couldn’t have said it better myself. In other words, back off.

I’m not endorsing ‘skinny’, and if you have read any of my work on weight loss, you know I am very big at spreading the message of avoiding being ‘skinny fat’ just as much as avoiding obesity. Skinny fat is a term coined to describe where you look thin on the outside but inside you lack muscle and have quite a bit of fat around your vital organs – not a good thing. But that’s a health issue. If Jodi has health issues or weight problems that is her business. I’m not quite sure that the ‘concern’ is genuine but rather an excuse to vent hate against another celebrity mum who is so easily targeted.shot1-_0065

She’s not the only one, and she probably won’t be the last. The ‘post-baby figure’ tends to be on the market for critics to slam mums for not having the ideal figure. What is the ‘ideal’ figure anyway? Even as a physiotherapist who has worked in the fitness industry for 20 years I would struggle to give a whole community answer to that. Some mums will lose weight fast and others won’t. Some will lose too much body weight. The bottom line is that there are so many reasons for this and they can change at any point in time in a woman’s life.

What I can tell you is this. Celebrity or not, these mums have feelings. Sure they put themselves ‘out there’ in the media but I’m not convinced that that gives everyone the right to criticise. If you choose to follow the story of someone in particular, be nice. If not, stay away.

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