30 minute booty workout

Dan JeffsBy Dan Jeffs

Personal Trainer/Accredited Exercise Physiologist/Exercise and Sport Science Australia full member

Booty workout

Let’s be honest, having a booty is back in a big way! But, finding the time to work your BUTT can be really difficult. Check out this super simple workout that is going to give you an amazing and strong backside!

Stack these exercises back-to-back in a quick, high intensity circuit to keep your time commitment to an absolute minimum. Performing exercise in this fashion is not only the best way to get you back into your real-life faster, but also sends the amount of calories we can torch in half an hour through the roof!

One last benefit… targeting the big muscles of the leg and hip is the easiest way to keep your metabolism firing for hours after your workout. We are really cheating now, losing weight in your sleep!

The workout!

Exercises: 10 each for as many rounds as you can in 30 minutes.

Supine Bridge: Set up by lying flat on your back with heels tucked closer to your hips than in the classic ‘sit up’ position. Tighten your core and glutes (your backside) and press your heels into the ground lifting your hips. Go only as far as your glutes will take and if you feel any tightness in your lower back, stop, reset and re-attempt with a reduced range of motion. Hold at the top for 5 seconds and then lower.

RMExercises 68RMExercises 69







Squat: Stand up, sit down! For beginners, make sure there is a chair or foot rest behind you to keep you from tipping back on the way down. Press hard through the heels and make sure that you have a tight backside at the top of the movement.

RMExercises 1RMExercises 2







Alternating Lunge: Take a good stride forward with one leg and bring your back foot up onto the toe. Leaning slightly forwards from the hips to place more weight on your front foot, lower yourself bending both knees. Press hard into the heel of hte front foot to return you to the starting position.

RMExercises 14RMExercises 15







Step up or jump up: This can be done on anything that is at a height that you can manage (going too high will ruin your technique and increase the risk of injury). Stepping one foot onto a box / chair / park bench lean forward to almost mimic the bottom position of the lunge. Press into the heel of the front foot and pull yourself up and onto the box standing tall at the top. Slowly lower yourself back down and repeat, alternating the leg that is stepping up. For those that are fitter you can try jumping up with both feet onto a step/bench.


RMstretching 8RMstretching 9







Really fast walking (or jogging): Take a quick break from the resistance training but keep your heat rate up! This can be done outside, up a hill, on a treadmill, or you can even substitute it for a stationary bike or a sprint on the spot, whatever! Just move for 3 minutes.  Keep your work rate effort at a good 7-8/10 and get those kilos moving.

You made it… Start again. 

To be noted, we just blasted your legs and backside. A little bit of tightness and some soreness is to be expected. Keep moving the next day (either a lower intensity walk or swim) to make sure this disappears quickly.

P.S Warm up! It’s important. Get everything ready to work out by performing a 5 – 10 minute vigorous walk/bike ride before you start the good stuff. We also recommend that professional supervision is of huge benefit for anyone kicking off an exercise regime to ensure safe and effective training. Further to this, elongating the cardio portion (fast walk / jog) will increase your recovery time and decrease the total amount of strength training volume.



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