5 reasons why employers should allow exercise during the work day

RosemaryM 17By Rosemary Marchese

Editor, B.A. Applied Sci (Physiotherapist)

Allow exercise during the work day

Getting out for even a short run or hitting the gym during the day could make you more productive. Yes, you will save time by stopping work during the day.

Research has demonstrated that a lunchtime workout during a workday can:

  • improve time management
  • improve mental performance
  • lead to employees feeling less stressed
  • reduce longevity in the workplace
  • they get more out of you!

Personally, I am a massive fan of breaking up the workday with movement. I train in the morning so I know it’s done but then try to get out for a walk, even a short one, during the day. Plus I get up and move for a few minutes every hour. It’s a habit and it works. It’s also an investment in my health because prolonged sitting is now considered just as bad for you as smoking. Yes! That’s right. The other bonus of getting out of the office are the benefits of getting a little sunlight! 

Here are 5 time-saving tips for a lunchtime workout:

  1. Be prepared. Have your gear ready to go if you intend to sweat it out or just a change of shoes if you are getting out for a walk. 
  2. Have your track planned if you intend to run. Know how far you intend to go and how long you think it will take you.
  3. Get smart and quick about the return to work. Get in to your workout and get out. No stuffing around!
  4. Personally I like to train on my own so I don’t have anyone holding me up, but if you do decide to have company then make sure you are clear about the meeting time and the length of the session. 
  5. Stay as close to work as possible but try to mix it up a little. 

Have a fit day!


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