5 sneaky ways to exercise more


5 sneaky ways to exercise more

by Lynsey Fraser

Can’t ‘find’ the time for yourself after you have spent it with your kids? Partner, friends, family, household and work life are a challenge to juggle (to put it politely). As mums, we place ourselves at the end of a long list of daily commitments, and any time we do have for ourselves is used for basic necessities like eating and showering.

Maintaining our fitness and health often gets neglected due to our lack of time, when really it is so important for our well being – and to help manage the stresses of our busy life. But it’s time to think outside the square to ‘find’ opportunities to exercise. We know that finding even 30 minutes to exercise can be super challenging while raising kids, so we recommend maximising the time you do have while doing daily tasks, for that fitness kick. Short bursts of exercise can all be counted to add up to the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week.

Here are 5 sneaky ways to squeeze in a bit more exercise each day.

1.The 2-minute static squat bathroom challenge. You brush your teeth twice a day; the average time to brush as recommended by dentists is 2 minutes per session. Whilst brushing away try to hold yourself down in a squat position (for the whole time, if you can manage it!).You may need to build up to this, but as squats are one of the best exercises to tone and shape your butt you will soon have a winning smile and a booty to match!

2. Commercial-break dance party. If you’re sitting down every time an ad break comes on the television, mute it, put on some music and dance! It’s fun, gets your heart rate up and the whole family can join in too.

3. Teacup push ups. Waiting for the kettle to boil? Well, you might as well drop down and see how many push-ups you can manage while you wait. Up for more of a challenge? Fill the kettle all the way up!

4. Shower yoga. Okay, actually doing yoga in the shower would be very dangerous – please do not downward dog when sudded up – but the hot water on your shoulders and the back of your neck helps to warm and loosen these muscles, so make the most of this and roll your shoulders forward and back a few times each way. Gently stretch your neck and upper back to help release tension.

5. Change room challenge. Every time you walk into a different room of the house you could add a quick fitness challenge for yourself, like 5 squats or 3 burpees. Get everyone in the house involved and make it a game so that if you walk into a room and forget to do the challenge you have to do 10 push ups. (Kids are brilliant at remembering these things and are always happy to issue their parents with push-ups.)

6. Get up from your desk every hour. Try to move around for at least 5 minutes. For example, if you work from home, get up every hour to grab some water, stretch or even quickly hang the clothes on the line! The key is to move, which is vital when sitting for long periods of time.



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