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By Rosemary Marchese

Founder, B.A. Applied Sci (Physiotherapist) and fit busy mum of 3 fit kids

Welcome to The Fit Busy Mum

Mums are busy women. Whether they are stay-at-home or employed mums of babies, toddlers, teenagers or a combination, including adult children living at home, the demands are endless. The ‘me time’ for mums at the end of each day is non-existent. Or is it?

As a mum of three kids, a physiotherapist and fitness and health author, I completely live and breathe the pressures faced by mums every day. But I also know that busy mums can also be fit mums. I know you are busy and I don’t set out to change that. On this website we consider ‘busy’ to be positive – we say that by being busy we are ‘fully engaged’ in life. Instead, this website has been designed to empower and inspire you to get active and lead a healthy lifestyle that suits you, at whatever time period you are at in YOUR life.Family-playground-Small

On this website we aim to inspire you to visit and draw on the expertise of our team of writers to source workouts, recipes, mindset tips and so much more. The website has been designed to be free – yep, subscription is free and there are no catches. Just a wealth of great, and usable, info so that you can help find, or maintain your mojo!

The website originated originally as an online platform for my new book ‘The Fit Busy Mum: Seven Habits’ for success but it has turned into so much more! While writing this book, I have continued to grow my online presence, present at expos, spend quality, active time with my healthy kids and stick to my daily 30-minute workout. I believe in keeping it real, and realistic and I hope I inspire you to do the same!

Drawing on more than 20 years’ experience in the fitness and health industry, I aim to help you learn the resourceful ways to exercise and I share my Seven Habits to Success so that you too can be that fit, busy mum. To purchase my book click here

“Mothers are inundated with information on how to regain or attain fitness, strength and health. Rosemary’s advice is effective, safe and based on facts, not fads. This book allows all mothers access to incredibly professional guidance, from a highly respected fitness expert”.

Corse_Annalies_aAnnalies Corse, BMedSc, BHSc

Naturopath/Lecturer, Australian College of Natural Therapies



Rose is a Fit Busy Mum of 3 fit kids. She aims to empower mums who are time poor. She acknowledges that mums are ‘busy’ but tries to inspire them to regain their fitness through simple everyday habits that she promotes through her book ‘The Fit Busy Mum: Seven habits for success’.



  • Rosemary Marchese - Founder - Publishing Editor

    Rosemary Marchese - Founder - Publishing Editor

    Rosemary’s experience as a physiotherapist on the front line teaching students in fitness, combined with her passion for writing, lead her down the path of writing her first fitness textbook, ‘The Essential Guide to Fitness: For the Fitness Instructor’ over 8 years ago. This book is now in its second edition and providing RTOs with an invaluable tool to support the learning and training needs of students and teachers respectively. Her second book, supporting the Diploma of Fitness, has recently been published! Rosemary is currently researching her next fitness and health book – watch this space!

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  • Margaret McNally - Editor at The Fit Busy Mum

    Margaret McNally - Editor at The Fit Busy Mum

    Margaret McNally is a freelance accredited editor and professional writer with more than 15 years’ experience in the industry. She has worked variously as a features writer, editor and managing editor for newspapers, magazines and books in the media and higher education and corporate sectors. When she’s not working, you’ll likely find her travelling in Italy.

  • Annalies Cors -  Medical Scientist/Naturopath

    Annalies Cors - Medical Scientist/Naturopath

    Annalies holds Bachelors degrees in Medical Science (Pathology), Health Science (Naturopathy) and is a Masters candidate at the University of Sydney. She has worked as a Medical Researcher in cancer research and as a Scientist for the Australian Institute of Sport. Annalies has also worked as a Scientist in hospital pathology laboratories and private research institutes, specialising in biochemistry, haematology, genetics and microbiology.

    Annalies combines her love of Medical Science and Complementary Medicine with lecturing, clinical supervision of students, private practice, post-grauate study and technical medical writing. A belief in pushing for high standards of scientific education for Naturopaths brought Annalies to lecturing. She also presents seminars for the continuing education of qualified practitioners.

  • Lynsey Fraser - Personal Trainer

    Lynsey Fraser - Personal Trainer

    Lynsey Fraser is a health and fitness expert with over 10 years’ experience in the Industry. Originally from the UK and now living in Bondi, Lynsey heads up educational content development for Australia’s largest sports retailer. Lynsey has worked for some of the largest global brands in fitness including Golds Gyms, Fitness First and Les Mills. Holding 27 fitness qualifications in a number of genres and specialising in group fitness and education and social media marketing.

    In her personal life Lynsey has overcome her own battles with Bulimia and body image to become a successful fitness model and motivational speaker. She is an advocate for living a healthy ,balanced and happy lifestyle and through her own blogs and editorials aims to debunk the myths and fear around fitness.

  • Dan Jeffs - Exercise Physiologist/Personal Trainer

    Dan Jeffs - Exercise Physiologist/Personal Trainer

    Dan Jeffs

    Exercise, food and my dog. Aside from my beautiful wife, these are the most important things in my life.

    Sport was always my thing. From a really young age my hours were spent throwing, kicking, chasing or hitting a ball with some type of bat. I needed excitement and pace and was never one to do the same thing for long (distance running was out!). At the end of high school it was pretty apparent that my career was going to revolve around the health and fitness industry so a degree in Exercise and Sport Science (Maj Clinical Exercise Physiology) was a clear go to. Throughout UNI, personal training was my job and allowed me to really hone my skills in being a teacher, coach, councillor and confidant to my many clients – many who are dear friends now. Getting my degree only really changed how many people I could reach. With my new knowledge I was able to apply my passion for health and fitness to a greater audience and help people overcome illness and injury while still having time to help mums and dads kick those few Christmas kilos. Long story short, I love exercise and I love people. I can’t wait to help you all beat the odds, find the time to exercise and find the strong, healthy body you have always wanted.


    Personal Trainer
    Accredited Exercise Physiologist
    Exercise and Sport Science Australia full member

  • Lisa Allmey-LaMaitre -  Health Writer, Wellness Presenter, Lifestyle Adviser, Business Owner

    Lisa Allmey-LaMaitre - Health Writer, Wellness Presenter, Lifestyle Adviser, Business Owner

    I have been a Health Professional for over 18 years. I hold a BSc and Remedial Massage quals. I have had a massage business in Canberra for 18 years. I enjoy sharing my health and wellness knowledge with others, whether that’s in written or spoken words.

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  • Heather Greaves - Reiki Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Holistic Counsellor

    Heather Greaves - Reiki Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Holistic Counsellor

    Heather, or Jaspal – “the carrier of God’s grace”, integrates the ancient science of Kundalini Yoga and Reiki as taught by Dr Usui to create harmony in the body.

    By balancing the chakras both physically and energetically, the body is able to do what it is designed to do…heal itself! Through her skills as a trained counsellor, she is able to provide people with life tools for a truly integrative experience to their health and wellbeing.

    Heather has practiced Kundalini Yoga since 1993 and began teaching in 2009; she learned Reiki, Seichim & Lighterian Reiki in 2004 and began training others in 2009; also in 2009, she received her Counselling Graduate Diploma. She currently sees clients and runs Reiki courses from her Northern Beaches studio and teaches Kundalini yoga at the Dee Why School of Yoga www.integrativewellness.com.au
    • Reiki Master Teacher
    • Seichim Master Teacher
    • Kundalini Yoga Instructor
    • Lighterian Reiki
    • Holistic Counsellor Vocational Graduate Diploma
    • M.A.C.A (qualified)

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  • Murray Kovesy - Clinical Myotherapist

    Murray Kovesy - Clinical Myotherapist

    Clinical Myotherapist Contributor to the Fit Busy Mum, bring his expertise and knowledge to the community.

  • Katie Smallwood - Chartered Accountant, Mum of two kids

    Katie Smallwood - Chartered Accountant, Mum of two kids

    Katie is a Chartered Accountant, mum of two children and she also runs her own accounting firm on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. As a busy mum she sometimes struggles with the fit side of the equation! With nearly 10 years’ experience and a Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce and Graduate Diploma of chartered accounting Katie swore never to study again…and so is now doing her Diploma of Financial Planning and Masters of Taxation.



    “Mothers are inundated with information on how to regain or attain fitness, strength and health. Rosemary’s advice is effective, safe

    Annalies Corse, BMedSc, BHSc Naturopath

    “Rosemary Marchese is a leading fitness expert who walks her talk and sets a great example for women balancing work,

    Guy Leech – Former Australian Ironman Surf Lifesaving Champion

    “Rosemary Marchese is a highly respected and professional leader in the fitness industry.  Her publications have been the backbone of

    Paul Timms – CEO, National Coaching Institute

    “Rose, a health and fitness professional with 20 years experience and also a busy working mother of three, offers simple

    Shivaun Conn – Dietitian, director of Discovery Health Coaching