Australian First Technology For Parents and Caregivers Launches

Australian First Technology For Parents and Caregivers Launches

New App for Parents

New Australian-first technology  has launched this month providing real-time guidance to parents and care-givers. Principally a ‘mid-wife in your pocket’, WOTBaby is a personalised app that supports parents and caregivers in their journey of raising babies from newborn to six months.

Tailored to the child’s name and age, the app provides the caregiver or parent with week-by-week development milestones and tackles the myriad of challenges parents might be navigating through at that particular stage such as feeding and settling. What sets the app apart from anything else on the market, is that it acknowledges that every baby and every parent is different, and so offers an instant step-by-step flow of tips and tricks parents or carers can try to find what works for them as well instructional videos.

Created by Jen Hamilton, a published author on the topic, mum of three and a mothercraft nurse with over 27 years of practical experience helping new mums, the app is based on the principal of building confidence in mums and acknowledges that there is no single or right way to parent.

“There are some key fundamentals that result in a successful bond between parent andAppshot4 baby, and I wanted to share my knowledge enabling parents to get the most out of these special times.

“I also wanted to make the resource easily accessible and affordable at a time when parents needed it most – and that’s usually at 3am when no professionals are around and everyone in the family is exhausted.”

The app is based on the ‘Windows OF Time’ a baby follows – sleeping, feeding, play and settling – helping parents to understand the general guide of time for each of these phases relating to  their baby’s age.


Over the years, Jen has worked with a number of mothers in their home including entrepreneur mums like Emma Isaacs.

While night nurses charge upwards of $200 a night, WOTBaby will be available for purchase at the App Store for $2.99.

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