Beware the e-Book fitness and nutrition ‘expert’

138A3307By Lynsey Fraser

Health and Fitness Professional/Personal Trainer

Beware the e book!

‘If you click the link in my bio for a limited time only you can down load my e-Book for a special price of…’

It seems today that every Instagram famous fitness model has released an e-Book with all their tips and trick to look and train just like them. A lot of them have sound and helpful advice broken down into easy to read and follow sections. And let’s face it, you will learn something on the way to chiselled abs and a big round booty but…Buyer beware! Not all e-Books are worth your dollars and not all will deliver on what you are looking for. So here what to look for and look out for:

  • Is the person selling the e-Book actually qualified to be giving fitness advice? Are they a trainer or PT or have they just worked hard in the gym and now feel the need to share. In Australia all PTs that are registered with Fitness Australia have current training, insurance and First aid. You can actually look up your PT on their website and check their credentials. If you are buying an e-Book from overseas it may not be so easy to research this.
  • Does it sound too good to be true? Can you really lose 10 kilos in 2 days and can you do this safely? If it promises too much and sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Getting is shape is possible but some hard work will always be needed.
  • Is the seller on the same ‘supplement’ regime as you?  Let’s be honest the use of illegal steroids in this industry is rife and many of our favourite cover models and trainers are adding a few additional ‘supplements’ to their routine- they just don’t post it on Instagram. The fact of the matter is a body on steroids will react differently to training and nutrition plans than one not using steroids.   You could follow their training and eating plan to the letter and results still could vary considerably.
  • Is it really going to suit your lifestyle?  Do you have time to follow the plan you are selecting? Do you need to prepare 7 meals each day and only live on juice for 2 days a week?  Can you realistically fit in and follow the advice you are being offered. Now this is different from putting in the hard yards- think whether you can fit the requirements into your lifestyle.
  • Do you really need to pay for it? Every PT and trainer has the right to run their own business and charge whatever they deem as appropriate for their services but be a savvy shopper – there are lots of free eating plans, training routines and other sources of info available. When you buy one, you need to make sure it’s worth it!

So buyer beware. Be a savvy e-Book shopper!



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