The new buzz in the fitness industry

RosemaryM 17By Rosemary Marchese

Editor, B.A. Applied Sci (Physiotherapist)

New buzz in the fitness industry

The fitness industry is evolving quickly and there is always a new ‘buzz’ word or trend to follow! Now, it’s not just products but also services that can be in vogue and right now it’s about ‘how’ you find your fitness classes to best suit you.

Buzvil_LogoThe FBM has taken time out to chat with the founders of Buzvil, a new web and app-based company designed to make group fitness more accessible to everyone.

FBM: How did Buzvil begin? What was your drive to create the start-up?

Buzvil: We had been training and working out for a while now, but the routine had become monotonous, boring, and the drive to be active was rapidly deteriorating. It just wasn’t fun anymore. So we started brainstorming, thinking about how we can improve the experience. Then we stumbled upon group fitness. The term is self-explanatory, but in our perception of the term, group fitness activities are things like aerobics, core conditioning, Pilates, yoga, muscle conditioning, step, indoor cycling, kickboxing, sculpting, fall prevention and boot camp. While we may have found these exciting, new, and social forms of exercise, it took us forever to reach them. Where could we go locally to find these kinds of classes? There was no single platform to search for this kind of content.

So when the idea of Buzvil was first being brainstormed, we wanted to provide a platform like Uber but for personal trainers. Buzvil then grew from there, changing as we researched. And so, today we are proud to welcome you to

The reason a start-up model was so appealing was because of the low barrier to entry. You are only dependant on you when you work for yourself; your own skills and talents are what build your business. Being able to control your own destiny like that and to be your own boss is very appealing! And helping others to reach their fitness and lifestyle goals makes it all the more worth it!

FBM: So what is Buzvil?

Buzvil: Buzvil has been developed to inspire people to work out in a fun, social, group fitness environment, wherever, whenever. The web, and soon app-based platform, offers a large variety of group workout classes provided by the best, and only selected fitness professionals, gyms, and wellness centres are included.

This digital platform enables easy access to group fitness, whilst removing the usual constraints of lock-in contracts and upfront payments associated with monthly subscription. It also removes constraints associated with location and schedule, allowing fitness professionals to attract new clients, and users to work out more freely.

FBM: How does it work?

Buzvil: Our users can find and join any of the group fitness classes in our large database. Upon choosing a location, activity type and date, the search engine will list all the classes on offer.

Search results can be further filtered by price, time and difficulty level to find the most suitable session.

Once the desired class has been found and a user joins their first class through the website or app, they begin a 30-day cycle. Once seven, paid group fitness classes have been attended, the user gains free and unlimited access to sessions for the remainder of that period. At the end of 30 days, the user simply joins another class, and the cycle recommences.

FBM: What kinds of classes or providers work with you?

Buzvil: We call our classes a ‘Buz’. We have classes ranging from yoga to Pilates, boot camp, Cross Fit, and many more. More than 25 gyms/studios/fitness providers have signed up with our service – and we are growing day by day!

FBM: How is it different to other group training service providers out there on the market?

Buzvil: Many other fitness-tech providers require their users to sign contracts and pay lock-in fees. At Buzvil we don’t do that – our platform is designed to be as flexible and versatile to the user as possible. We work on positive encouragement, not negative. We want our users to be in control of their own fitness routines, making sure we can fit within their lifestyle. As a result, people will enjoy exercising and do it more often! This is the opposite of current gym plans out there , with lock-in contracts that make you reluctantly attend because your money is being guzzled away. That’s not what Buzvil is about.


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