Celebrating your life daily no matter how busy you are

Heather-Head-Shot-TempBy Heather Greaves

Reiki Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Holistic Counsellor

How daily rituals can make you happier

As I was doing my early morning routine, I realised just how fantastic I feel when I actually do it; how clear, calm and more relaxed I go about my day when I have given to ‘Me’ first…before my husband rushes out the door for work; before I have to wake the kids up and prod them into the car to get to school on time; before my emails and phone start buzzing with clients wanting appointments…

Time for ME! Yes, it’s not always what I really feel I want to do at the time, but creating a ‘healthy habit’ for me has been so necessary to maintain my sanity and really helps anyone that has to deal with me!

I started to expand that concept of forming a daily practice into the concept of ritual.   What ever happened to the sacredness of ritual in our society?  Did organised religion decide that was their word and only those practices that related to the god/s they worshiped could have ritual?  All of the old movies we use to watch as kids with Cowboys and Indians would show how people in tribal communities used to perform rituals as necessary rites of passage on all levels…whether calling on the gods, the spirits of the animals or mother nature to make the rains come; to welcoming visitors; a ceremony of two souls uniting; the birth of a child; a female coming of age; the death of an elder; and many more.   What do we celebrate in our modern busy society today?

Well depending upon the culture or religion, you will find many accepted ritualistic practices:

  1. Birthdays
  2. Weddings
  3. Funerals
  4. A new year

But what about the average person in day-to-day life…how do we celebrate and create ritual?  What about simply creating a daily routine or celebration of your life?  After all, how you look after yourself will be a direct reflection in how you enjoy your world.  Why not make it so normal that your children want to copy you and make it their normal?

Here’s my daily celebration of my life:

  1. Wake up and start stretching even before I get out of bed.
  2. Use a soft bristle brush and begin dry brushing my skin to stimulate the lymph to release toxins into my spleen to be cleansed out by my liver.
  3. Take a freezing cold shower (except the top of my thighs as that affects the body’s calcium an magnesium production) and not my head. I find that this process gives all my internal organs a daily detox as the blood rushes from my organs to my extremities and fills my internal organs with fresh blood.
  4. Exercise! Anything that allows my body’s biggest organ, my skin, to sweat and relieve the toxic burden in my body.
  5. Take a normal shower to help my body let go of the excess dead skin and waste from my body.
  6. Sit for 3-11 minutes and meditate to integrate the work I’ve just done.
  7. Drink a yummy fruit and vegetable NINJA or eat a boiled egg if I need protein to start my day.

By making YOU a priority, everyone wins!  You will have more energy for your day; you will be happier with yourself, thus happier with those around you; and you will be feeling fantastic!  So start celebrating today!  You are SOOOO worth it!


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