Why ‘Concentration Camps’ are not a weight loss strategy.

RosemaryM 17By Rosemary Marchese

Editor, B.A. Applied Sci (Physiotherapist)

Concentration Camps not a weight loss strategy

A Note in Response to Comments Made by Dr. Ric Gordon.

Dear Dr. Gordon & Channel 9,

Concentration camps’ have at times (and also very recently) been mentioned, often in passing, as an example of how people have lost weight. While I agree that most often these comments are made without the intention to offend I find that there is something fundamentally missing from the these references of weight loss – skinny does not equal healthy. And when I say ‘skinny’ I mean that the person is obviously a very, very low body weight with little muscle on them at all.

For one thing, it’s not rocket science to say that the events surrounding the atrocities of Concentration Camps are significantly different to the issues surrounding our indulgent Western World today. We, as a society, tend to overeat. That’s a fact. It’s available in abundance, and the struggle to stop shoving food in our mouths can be exhausting in itself. But I strongly believe that if we are ever to cut back and ‘lose weight’ then it needs to be done safely and with the right information provided to those people who want to lose weight. The focus should be on what you put in your mouth. Absolutely. But you mustn’t starve yourself. There has to be a massive focus on keeping active and increasing lean body mass to protect us from disease and increase the chances of leading a long and healthy life, not a skinny, unhealthy life.

When people in the media, who are watched by and listened to by hoards of people, focus on just the scales rather than fitness as well it haunts me. The only message being sent out in those situations is that weight loss should come through starvation. Oh, indeed the weight loss will come with starvation. But so will  a body that is a metabolic disaster zone. Muscle burns energy. Muscle keeps you healthy. It doesn’t have to be body builder muscle. We have to promote being fit and lean, not skinny on the outside while fat on the inside.

Weight loss is so important. But it has to be the right weight loss for longevity. Just saying.

For those of you who missed the interview http://bit.ly/1NmblER



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