Dealing with set backs

138A3307By Lynsey Fraser

Health and Fitness Professional/Personal Trainer

Set Backs

So, last year I badly injured my back and had to stop training. I have gone from training like a beast to not being able to tie my shoes. I have to spend a lot of time just lying on my back resting, which have given me some time to reflect and gain clarity – this is not a setback …this is an opportunity for a comeback!

So how do we turn our setbacks into comebacks?

  • It’s time to remove the ego, the stubbornness, turn off beast mode, stop blaming other and accept whatever has happened. It may not be fair, it may not be your fault but don’t waste your energy getting upset about something you have no control over- you are going to need it for late
  • Re-evaluate. Take some time to be honest with yourself – why did it happen? Was it just bad luck? Did you give it your all? Did you do too much or not enough? If I look at my own injury – it’s truly my own fault. I have a history of disc issues; I was over training and not listening to my body – It’s not surprising I got hurt. Time to re-evaluate. Could you be working on a different approach. Now is the time to do your homework.
  • Set a new goal. Don’t be discouraged just refocus. If you didn’t make the team this season then what can you be doing to improve for next ? If your injured – what can you be doing ( safely ) to recover? I can compete but instead have booked a photo-shoot for a few weeks’ time – this gives me a new goal to focus on.
  • Don’t give up! Bill Gates was a drop out, Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team, Walt Disney was told he had no imagination- one set back doesn’t stop you. Don’t be discouraged; if you really want something then just keep working for it. Not every attempt is going to go to plan but just keep working.
  • Remain positive – it can always be a lot worse, doesn’t mean it’s not crap but it can be worse. So smile.



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