The Daily Telegraph: Ever wondered why some mums seem to have it all together?

Ever wondered why some mums seem to have it all together? The secret is positive life habits


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DO you know a fit mum? The mum who seems to have it all together and happens to be fit too?

Want to know her secret?

Habits. According to Rosemary Marchese, a physiotherapist with more than 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry, busy mums who are fit and smashing all their life goals have positive life habits. That’s it.

“Fit, busy mums just haven’t forgotten the simple habits that make small, positive impacts every day,” Marchese says.

“They focus on fitness — not the scales. Think about how you brush your teeth on autopilot. You just do it.

“You know the unwanted consequences of not doing it, so you just get on with it.”RM003

Marchese, who is also known as the “trainer’s trainer” and has devised several fitness courses and the fitness standards for Australia, believes fit, busy mums have great habits in all aspects of their lives, not just exercise.

Taking small steps towards life goals are their top priority. If you look at any entrepreneur, or anyone you know who is attracting amazing life opportunities, she says they all have one major thing in common — they appreciate the value of great habits.

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