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The top three reasons you should be attending group fitness classes

I was a personal trainer for a really long time before I became an Exercise Physiologist and to be perfectly honest the clients I continue to train outside of my clinic hours are still the high points of my week. A majority of these clients are mums and one of the questions I am faced with every January is: ‘How about group classes? Can I do those too?’ Absolutely!

Group classes are GREAT! Now I know this might sound a little phony coming from a guy who sells one-on-one sessions and complete client care for a living, but hear me out. While I was a personal trainer, group classes were for me like gold. Little pearls of energy, enthusiasm and fun for my clients that also made them achieve their goals faster.

I would use the loud music, group atmosphere and the constantly changing workouts involved in group classes to push my clients (even the ones struggling for motivation) to get into the gym and really start achieving.

Below are my top three reasons to try group fitness classes this year, to make 2016 your healthiest and happiest year yet.

  1. Group classes are cheap! Relatively, anyway.

Working with a personal trainer will always be the gold standard, but with sessions averaging anywhere from $50 to $120 your finances will take a significant hit on your journey to getting fit. Group classes, on the other hand, are so widely available that they are in most cases included in your gym membership. If the gym is not for you, for under $20 a week you can become a member in one of hundreds of beach/park-based small group training sessions.

  1. Motivation

I would be lying if I told you that I always leap out of bed in the morning and bound into the gym, smiling and ready to work out. Sometimes we all need some help to make that morning session happen. Enter the group fitness class. Accountability is everything, so when Jayne, Mary and Vikki notice you missing from your usual 5:30 am BodyPump class and ask you about it next week, you’ll find there are only so many excuses that will work!

  1. FUN!

Have you ever met a boring group fitness instructor? Of course not. They are all crazy bundles of energy and enthusiasm and are there just for you! Tap into this energy when you are feeling a little flat and let group classes lift your training to the next level.

A final word on safety. Group classes are great but they are designed with the general public in mind. Do me a favour and get checked out by a fitness or medical professional if possible before you kick off your group fitness regimen. We can make sure that you are flexible and fit enough and that your technique is to a point that you are not exposed to injury during a class.

Add group training to your week and watch your sessions and fitness achievements increase this year.


Rose is a Fit Busy Mum of 3 fit kids. She aims to empower mums who are time poor. She acknowledges that mums are ‘busy’ but tries to inspire them to regain their fitness through simple everyday habits that she promotes through her book ‘The Fit Busy Mum: Seven habits for success’. Visit

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