The irony of life, ‘I’ve got breast cancer, again.’

Heather-Head-Shot-TempBy Heather Greaves

Reiki Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Holistic Counsellor

The irony of life, ‘I’ve got breast cancer, again.’

Please note: We are grateful to Heather for sharing her cancer story with us. This is her account of the first steps of her journey and approach.

Slap!  Well, yes, I have had another wake up call this week!  The dreaded five letter ‘C’ word has shown up on my doorstep again…CANCER! Who’d of thought?  Nearly 15 years in remission and living more or less a happy, healthy life.  And, I am into natural health and well being, so HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING TO ME?

I suppose if I am really honest, I am GREAT, just like a lot of mums, at helping others (if I do say so myself), but very poor at taking my own advice.  I am forever telling my clients, ‘Make yourself the priority:  choose non-processed foods, lessen your sugar intake, watch your alcohol and caffeine intake, meditate, exercise, catch up with friends and be AUTHENTIC – speak your truth. It just goes on.’

I’m not sure exactly when or why, but some time after April 1, 2016, with my yearly test results coming back with a clean bill of health, yet again, subconsciously I must have decided, ‘NOW I am omnipotent, so I can do whatever I want!’  Silly, silly me!

At least this time round I feel much more aware of my choices and not trapped into believing I have to follow a medical protocol to the “T”.  I am looking at all options and feel more in control of the decisions about my body and wellbeing.  It is time to “WALK MY TALK” and trust in everything that I have been preaching these past 13 years.

I’ve changed my lifestyle approach

So, putting myself to the test, I’ve already started to take better care of myself the best way I know how. I’ve started to alkaline my body by cutting out all meat, dairy, and sugar (although I am having fruit so some natural sugar is still there); eating sprouted Mung beans with quinoa and brown rice, vegetarian soups, pumpkin seeds and nuts; drinking pH balanced (alkaline) water with chlorophyll, taking Astragalas and Phytolacca herbs to cleanse my blood, lymph and help to build up my neutrophils (cells in the bone marrow that affect immune system functionality); an Indian herb called Manjistha which is known to kill cancer tumours; doing the ‘RaMaDaSa’ healing meditation daily; giving myself Reiki as well as from one of my students; and getting my heart rate up for at least 30 minutes per day.

I’m also taking my rest seriously. I’m taking melatonin to help me sleep at night so my body can rest and heal itself.  If I don’t get a good night sleep, my head and emotions tend to get the better of me.  The most important thing in this whole process is my state of mind.  If I can stay strong mentally, emotionally and physically, the cancer cells don’t stand a chance!

The other very essential part of my path to complete wellness is my friends and family.  I have contacted all of the people in my world that I know love and support me, and told them what is happening.  I never underestimate the power of well wishes and love from those around me.  It is so important to have positive support for those days when life just feels like it’s too much.

Lastly, a goal: We ALL need to believe we are here for a reason; that our existence actually matters.  So my goal in this process is to share with people my experience and hopefully it will help them, as well as myself, on this journey called Life. I also want to set an example to my children that it doesn’t matter what life throws at you, if you listen to your truth and trust yourself, you can do ANYTHING!


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