Keeping Flexible With Buzvil


Flexible With Buzvil

It’s a juggle we all know too well, every day, week in, week out. You have to get the kids ready for school, pack their lunches, then drop them off at school after picking up that one friend who is always running late.  Plus there’s a full day of work ahead, that deadline you need to meet, a conference call with that client who has no idea what they want, then running back to grab the kids from school again. After school sports, grocery shopping and organizing dinner add to the stress levels. It’s a cycle that doesn’t seem to end until the kids are asleep!

Mums Are The Modern Day Super Woman!

At the expense of a little bit of ‘me’ time, we take on any job that’s thrown our way. But how much is too much? When will we get that time back? Maybe we should change the focus and make time? We don’t need a star spangled leotard to take on the world. But a pair of leggings may just help you that little bit extra. It’s time for mums to take back control. And what better way to start than with exercise?

“Searching ‘Group Fitness Brisbane’ in Google renders 7.3 million results, making things a little overwhelming”.

It has long been known that keeping fit and exercising can provide so many benefits to not only your physical health, but your mental health as well. Sure we all have those extra kilos we would like to lose, or muscles that need a little bit of stretching. But the action of going to a fitness class, meeting people and gaining self-confidence, is all the more powerful. Group fitness can help motivate you, reach your fitness goals, provide stress relief, and help clear your head after a long day. They provide a supportive environment to help you get your fitness groove back if you haven’t trained in a while. But how do you know what class is best for you? Let alone where to find one? Searching ‘Group Fitness Brisbane’ in Google renders 7.3 million results, making things a little overwhelming.

Find Flexibility in Your Fitness Routine With Buzvil

Platforms like Buzvil can help you work through the clutter and stress involved with finding the right gym. Using their service helps you find group fitness providers in your area, find the right class for you, and book online. There are no added fees or lock in contracts, you simply pay for the classes you attend. It’s so flexible. You could attend a morning boot camp to get the blood pumping first thing, or even a yoga class in the evening to calm the body and mind.

There should always be a balance and a place to look after you. Even Super Woman has to take time for herself.

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