Kelly Cartwright gets called a ‘Hot mama’ for her 6 day post-baby selfie

RosemaryM 17By Rosemary Marchese

Editor, B.A. Applied Sci (Physiotherapist) and Mum of 3 wondering why my abs didn’t look like that 6 days post baby!

Kelly Cartwright gets called a ‘Hot mama’

How do you feel about this? Kelly Cartwright, the 26-year-old Australian paralympian posted a photo of herself on Instagram and her six day old son, Max (such a cutie) with her post-baby belly on show for all to see. This beautiful new mum appears happy as she holds her little bundle, appearing obviously proud. The media has jumped on this and called her a ‘hot mama’, which when you see the picture is a bit hard to deny!

So does this leave other mums wondering what the definition of a ‘hot mama’ is just six days after giving birth? I can tell you her abs look better than mine do even now and my youngest is 6 years old! And yes, of course I exercise. Without a stretch mark or joey pouch in site this image may leave some mums wondering ‘why’? It will be interesting to see if Internet trolls take this on board as an opportunity to backlash at her rather than celebrate her happiness, her baby and her great physique. I mean, it’s obvious she’s worked hard for it, and although I am no doctor, she does look great from the outside!

So, before the Internet goes nuts with criticism and backlash (or perhaps jealousy) let’s consider what it takes to be a ‘fit’ mama so that your body can be as healthy as it can be. One of the biggest things I can guarantee you without knowing her personally is that Kelly would have kept up some level of fitness during her pregnancy. And it’s pretty clear that she watches what she eats!

Tips for losing the post baby belly:

  1. If you’ve eaten like crap during the pregnancy you aren’t going to get a miracle 6-pack after the baby.
  2. Start some gentle exercises when your doctor says it’s cool.
  3. Pelvic floor exercises are essential to stopping the ‘pee when I sneeze’ phenomenon starting.
  4. Get your butt to a postnatal exercise class if at all possible.
  5. No crunches! Not a great idea while your ab muscles are still so stretched. Instead, do abdominal exercises that focus on pulling your abdominals up and in rather than gross, large upper body movements like crunches.
  6. Increase the exercise intensity slightly each week once your doctor says it’s okay too.
  7. Include a combination of resistance and cardio training for maximum fat burn.

You can’t spot reduce fat. You need to do full body workouts and then focus on toning your abs to get your pre-baby belly back. Remember it takes time and this 6 day thing is not a normal expectation for most mums!



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