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kidspot_logoThe 3 most important habits of a busy, fit mum

Rosemary Marchese shares the top three tips for keeping yourself fit and healthy

thebusyfitmum“How do you do it all?” “How do you have the energy to exercise?” And my favourite, “What exercises do I have to do so that I can sneeze without peeing?”

These are just three of thousands of questions I have been asked over the past 20 years as a physiotherapist in the fitness industry, not to mention the last 10 years of being a mum. And so began the evolution of my book the The Fit Busy Mum as I dug deep to find out the differences between the mums that seem to have it all together and those that don’t.

It’s all about creating good habits

All mums are busy. I get it. I’m one of you. But there is a clear distinction in the lives being led by what some people might refer to as ‘successful mums’ – they practise positive, rather than negative, daily habits. So these mums choose to  cook a meal rather than pick up take-away on the way home, for example. Well, on most days anyway!

But could it really be that simple? Just a bunch of habits that differentiates the  mums that kick life goals and those that don’t? Yes, pretty much. This journey led me to writing my latest book The Fit Busy Mum: Seven habits for success.

What does being a fit mum really mean?

Being ‘fit’ can mean different things to different people. I’m not talking fit for running a marathon (good for you if you are). I’m talking fit for life. Mums that sweat a little through a daily workout, even a walk, can be fit.

And then there’s ‘busy’. Busy can be defined as being occupied in a task or thought. It doesn’t have to mean stressed. And of course you’re a mum! But mums need to make sure that this doesn’t come at the expense of their own identity and their own health.

The mums that are keeping fit tend to use a variety of simple habits to make sure they exercise on most days. They are also taking small steps every day towards kicking butt in so many other aspects of their lives.

The Fit Busy Mum can be a career mum, too. She might be spending an hour every day, perhaps while the baby sleeps (who knows how long that will last so let’s do it now) starting their new online business. She can also be an awesome stay-at-home mum ticking off personal goals in regards to their own and their family’s lives. Whoever she is, she is fit. She is busy. And she is a mum. And she owns that.

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