Michelle Bridges blasted as ‘irresponsible’ for posting post-natal workout tips

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Date : January 18, 2016 – 4:32PM

Michelle Bridges can’t seem to put a very fit foot right.

Despite a disclaimer reminding people she is a professional with 30 years of training behind her, and therefore not your typical new mum, Bridges has been criticised for posting her post-natal workout online.

MBridges standThe 45-year-old and her partner, Steve ‘Commando’ Willis, welcomed their first child, baby boy Axel, on December 19.

After receiving questions from other mums asking what training she has been doing since giving birth one month ago, Bridges uploaded a post replying that she has started jogging.

Given that new mums are generally advised against running for three months after birth, the response to the post was unsurprising.

“If an individual decides to jog soon after giving birth, this is their choice,” Women In Focus Physiotherapy posted to their Facebook page on Friday.

“However as a public figure encouraging women who’s [sic] body types, birth and fitness histories are unknown, to start jogging is quite frankly concerning. It could potentially cause a woman more harm than good in these early stages, especially to the pelvic floor and the ligaments that support the bladder, uterus and bowel.”

Others commented on Bridges’ Instagram post (among many other comments which were positive and called her an “inspiration”) saying the post was “so irresponsible” and a “poor message”.

Bridges also came under fire while pregnant with Axel for pushing her workouts too far.

She responded to the criticism, telling 2DayFM’s Rove and Sam that being pregnant was “all the more reason” to stay fit.

Despite the criticism, physiotherapist and Australian Institute of Fitness spokeswoman Rosemary Marchese has urged people to remember that every woman is unique.

“The workout Michelle Bridges posted on Instagram was something she was obviously feeling able to do and was discussed with her doctor or physio, and she wanted to share this with her followers who are often asking her what workouts she does personally,” said Marchese.

“This wouldn’t be the general recommendation for post-natal though, but everyone is different. The best advice is to check with your obstetrician and physio, to determine when it is appropriate for you to start to exercise/jog. It’s important that you take it slowly and see how you feel based on how you were exercising pre-pregnancy to avoid any issues to your pelvic floor.”

Bridges declined to comment on the criticism when approached by Fairfax.

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