Weekly Meal Planner


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This is a FREE 7 day meal planning template that gives you the space to plan your daily meals and snacks. Easy to download over and over, this is a convenient page to pop on your fridge door. There’s also space to write in your shopping list items.

At the Fit Busy Mum we know you are busy. But ‘busy’ doesn’t have to mean stressed. It just means you are trying to lead a fulfilled life. Getting organised with meal prep will help take the stress out of your week. You only need to sit down once per week to plan and get the shopping done. This is so much better than doing it over and over in an already busy week.  There’s nothing complicated about this. It’s simply our way of helping you to take one step closer to get your healthy habits in place.

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Weekly Meal Planner

At The Fit Busy Mum we are passionate about meal prep! But it needs to be simple and easy to make into a regular habit. That’s why we are making this weekly meal planner available for you to download for FREE! Getting organised with your weekly meal planning is taking you one step further towards a healthier life. Sitting down once per week to plan out what you are going to eat and what you need to buy means you don’t have to do this over and over during your busy week. You can download and print this off as many times as you like!

If you want to know more about meal prep and getting your healthy habits in place, check out our Seven Habits for Success book and eBook.  If you are skipping  breakfast or going for the sugary cereal, consider trying our 30 days of smoothies eBook. You can do this as a 30 day breakfast challenge or simply use it as a recipe for delicious smoothies in your meal planning. It has been checked by a dietitian so it’s an awesome addition to your cookbooks.


Happy cooking Fit Busy Mums!



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