Struggle Street? What The? Why life does not have to be so hard

Heather-Head-Shot-TempBy Heather Greaves

Reiki Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Holistic Counsellor

Struggle Street? What The? Why life does not have to be so hard

If you are anything like me, you grew up in a family where your grandparents had just survived the great depression and they brought up their offspring with the mentality of ‘Waste Not- Want Not’.  So as a child whenever you wanted anything from a piece of candy to a new bike, YOU HAD TO WORK HARD TO EARN IT…because ‘MONEY DOESN’T GROW ON TREES!’ Trying to impart this kind of frugality onto our modern day children is a challenge in its own right! And how far do we take it to get the point of APPRECIATION across, without sounding like we are about to go on rations?

First up to thwart our efforts we have media, packaging and advertising literally jumping off the shelves into our kids’ laps… ‘Dad, this is the latest and greatest gadget ever invented…’ but it’s completely outdated by Friday!

Then there is peer pressure, ‘EVERYONE has it, Mum; I want it too!  Can you get it for me? PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASE?’

Trying to explain to kids today about growing up with three channels on the TV, rotary dialed telephones, vinyl’s to listen to music, watching a taped show on a BETA recorder, and if you could play PONG on your TV, the whole neighborhood was at your house, is met with rolled up eyes and a huge sigh!

Last but not least, and probably the most powerful motivating force, our own inner drive to make sure our kids have everything we never did!  I know for me, this one is my Achilles.  To even get an approving nod of the head in my home growing up you had to have mowed the lawn, done the dishes and vacuumed the house as a start.  For my kids, they get hugs and I love you’s all day everyday… apparently to their great boredom!  But they don’t have to earn them or prove they deserve it!  They get them just by being them!

This brings me to this fine balancing act…in my world, life is not HARD, if I pay attention and listen to my inner guidance, most often I find myself in a great space.  When I hear those inner warning bells and disregard the signposts telling me ‘abort’; ‘Do not pass go – Do not collect $200’, my world gets very uncomfortable.  Some may call this common sense, but I call it inner wisdom.

My husband and I are of the belief and experience that life isn’t hard and you don’t have to work hard to ‘make it’.   Life today is more about working out who you are and what you can both contribute to the world and at the same time brings you joy and satisfaction.  It’s about working smarter and creating more balance in your life on every level.

If you speak to most highly successful people today they will tell you that yes, there were times in their lives of intense focus and challenge, but that is what happens when one is passionate and aligned with their true purpose.

When you enjoy what you are doing and you feel that you are a contributing member of society, you have the makings of a happy life! It’s not about the money or the struggle…life is about living!



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