Growing healthy vegetables with kids

Children love playing in the dirt! And gardening is a fantastic way for parents to join in, create great experiences for their kids and grow beautiful healthy food at the same time.

Some of the happiest childhood memories can be made in the garden—digging up dirt, filling holes with water, wetting everyone in sight while watering the plants and biting into sweet, freshly picked snow peas straight from the veggie plot. Encouraging kids to help in the garden is good physical exercise and it also teaches them about healthy eating. It gives them a chance to learn about soil and realise where their food comes from.

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School holiday fun for little kids

Soil—it’s everywhere around us. But when was the last time you thought about how much fun you could have with soil?

If you’ve given soil more than a passing thought recently, it was probably about planting a flower bed, or growing a vegie garden. But soil can be great fun, particularly with children! So we’ve come up with our top five fun soily things to do with your kids, to help them discover the ground beneath their feet.

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Junk food addiction is real, and makes you want more and more

Ever wondered why kids are so addicted to junk food? It’s because they want to defy us and increase our blood pressure, isn’t it? Um, nope. What about you? Are you struggling to give up that morning muffin? Well, this daily habit may be happening on automatic pilot. It literally can be seen as an addiction.

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