The Daily Telegraph: Ever wondered why some mums seem to have it all together?

DO you know a fit mum? The mum who seems to have it all together and happens to be fit too?
Want to know her secret?
Habits. According to Rosemary Marchese, a physiotherapist with more than 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry, busy mums who are fit and smashing all their life goals have positive life habits. That’s it.

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Bellamumma Wednesday wisdom: 5 TIPS TO GET PAST ‘I CAN’T BE STUFFED EXERCISING’

One of the biggest reasons reported to me for not exercising is lack of time. Yep, exercise is just ‘another thing’ to do in what is already a long list of demands. And hey, if you skip exercise that means you don’t have to wash your hair, right? Bonus time!

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Kidspot : The 3 most important habits of a busy, fit mum

“How do you do it all?” “How do you have the energy to exercise?” And my favourite, “What exercises do I have to do so that I can sneeze without peeing?”

These are just three of thousands of questions I have been asked over the past 20 years as a physiotherapist in the fitness industry, not to mention the last 10 years of being a mum. And so began the evolution of my book the The Fit Busy Mum as I dug deep to find out the differences between the mums that seem to have it all together and those that don’t.

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